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By | August 10, 2018

Want to give our Skin Care System Level 1 a try? Order today on https://tiege.com

Learn more about all of the Tiege Hanley systems:
Skin Care System Level 1 – http://www.tiege.com/skincarelevel1
Skin Care System Level 2 – http://www.tiege.com/skincarelevel2
Skin Care System Level 3 – http://www.tiege.com/skincarelevel3
Acne System Level 1 – http://www.tiege.com/acnelevel1
Acne System Level 2 – http://www.tiege.com/acnelevel2

Here is what is included in your Skin Care System Level 1:
WASH – There is no better way to start and end your day than with our super amazing face wash. This bad boy gently removes dirt, grime and excess oil while simultaneously reducing redness and inflammation to help your skin glow with awesomeness! More info at http://tiege.com/facewash

SCRUB – This product uniquely uses crushed apricot seeds to wipe away dead skin cells effectively, without feeling like sandpaper! It adds things like Vitamin B3, Cucumber Extract and Menthyl Lactate to sooth and repair the skin. More info at http://tiege.com/exfoliatingscrub

AM moisturizer – The product is a sun-protecting rock star! Our moisturizer is a refreshingly light/non-oily way to combat aging and the sun’s harmful rays like a good-looking ninja, keeping your face hydrated and handsome all day long. More info at http://tiege.com/ammoisturizer

PM moisturizer – When you go to sleep, PM goes to work by helping your skin repair, replenish and regenerate. Our bedtime face cream will reduce fine lines, attack wrinkles, increase collagen production and hydrate your handsome! More info at http://tiege.com/pmmoisturizer
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